Friday, July 13, 2012


My internal clock is all sorts of messed up these days. With the Fourth of July being on a Wednesday and having my husband home all day - it felt like the weekend. Then, on the actual weekend, my husband was out of town - making it feel like he was at work. Wednesday, my father-in-law stopped by and a friend came for a little visit - these things would normally happen on a weekend.

So I'm pretty sure today is Monday. Which keeps making me wonder what's going to transpire on The Bachelorette. Yeah, I kinda watch that "reality" show. But I also sometimes watch 19 Kids and Counting - so the wholesomeness of that show balances the craziness of the other out, right? Right? 

Questionable tv watching aside, here's a few highlights from my week. Because apparently, according to my calendar and Lauren over at From My Grey Desk, it's Friday - hooray!  

1  Sunday morning, while I was getting dressed, I heard a loud cracking noise. I ran over to the window and saw this massive tree limb crash to the ground. I attempted to be all I'm-a-woman-hear-me-roar and move the thing myself but it was dang heavy. Khale was still out of town so I called a friend's husband and he came and chainsawed it up. Yay!

2  While my husband and oldest daughter were out of town, I decided to get my craft on. These are bookmarks I made from old jewelry items I don't ever wear. 

3  My two favorite magazines arrived in the mail on the same day! Can't wait to dig in to these tomorrow.  

4  I made a batch of M&M cookies to welcome my big girl home from her long visit with her grandparents. Except, I also ate a few. Before she got home.

5  I finally realized that it's ridiculous to keep cilantro in the fridge wrapped up in the plastic produce bag from the grocery store. It's now happily residing on my kitchen window sill in a mason jar with a bit of water. I use this stuff on almost a daily basis. :) 

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