Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY - Spice Jars!

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 Last weekend my husband took our oldest daughter to my in-laws house for a few days. While she's been gone, I've been "getting my craft on" while our baby naps. I'm one of those introverts that needs some serious craft time in my life every so often. It's how I de-stress and unwind. 

The first on my DIY project list was making my own spice jars. I had seen a few other versions online (I would totally link to them but I can't remember where I saw them. Sorry!) and used them as inspiration.

I snagged a bunch of baby food jars off freecycle. And spray painted the tops. You could also paint the tops with chalkboard paint so you can just write directly on them what spices are inside. 

I already had purchased these spice labels (quite a while ago) from a kitchen store up in Sheridan, Wyoming, so that's what I used. 

Done! It took half an hour and now my spices look much cuter than they did in their plastic containers. :) 

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