Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five!

It doesn't feel like Friday. Having Khale home from work on Wednesday has messed with my whole internal schedule. But I loved every minute of his day off. 

Here's five fun things from my week: 

#1  I discovered this bacon at Natural Grocers. It's the best turkey bacon I've ever had. 

#2  My little family attempted to hike near this lake. However we quickly realized that trails marked "advanced" aren't a good idea when you have a 5-year-old and a baby in a carrier. So we settled for a mild walking trail and a bit of wading.   

#3  Lillian placed her dollhouse fridge outside her baby sister's room and informed me that we now have a secret code: when the fridge door is shut, that means Harper is sleeping and Lillian needs to avoid yelling. When the fridge door is open, Harper is awake and we can make all the ruckus we want. 

#4  I have a thing for spy novels. I just finished reading this one. Loved it. Of course. 

#5  I HAD to decorate our front door for the 4th. It's the elementary school teacher in me. Oh, and I also made some adorable mini cherry pies. 

I'm joining the fun over at From My Grey Desk with a High Five for Friday post.

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