Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Did It! (AKA My House Smells Like Fish)

I take a bit of pride in not being the least bit bothered by touching raw chicken, fish, beef, lamb, etc. Raw meat gets a special cutting board but other than that, I honestly don't treat it any differently than veggies. 

This anti-fear of raw meat is something I've always possessed. When I was about nine years old my family and I helped our friends butcher, yes butcher, a hundred or so chickens. I totally gutted, skinned and removed feet off the chickens like it was no biggie. Did I mention I was 9? 

Anyhow, if the world comes to an end and you need a chicken-killer in your life, I'm your girl. I just ask that you have an ample supply of chocolate. 

However, I shrieked and shivered when I started making dinner last night. My little ladies were in the kitchen and they had fun shrieking right along with me, though I'm pretty sure they just thought we were playing a game. Maybe one day they'll look back fondly on that time their mother acted crazy because she decided to bring home a whole salmon:

(iphone photo)

Yep, that's as far as I got before I sent my husband a text saying: "I regret my life choices!"

Tails are gross. 

But I decided to cowgirl up and go for it. This is after I removed one filet from that poor salmon.

I tried using a large knife for this little kitchen adventure but quickly found that smaller ones are easier to use.  

I eventually cut eight individual portion size filets. They weren't super pretty but I did get out all the tiny pin bones, so that's something, right? 

If you ever find yourself with a whole salmon requiring your attention, I highly suggest watching YouTube videos. They helped immensely. 


  1. You are a brave one! Ive gutted fish before, right at the lake though. Thats cute the girls thought it was a blast.

    1. Thankfully, this one came gut-less. I think that might have sent me over the edge. :)

  2. I kinda got the heebeejeebees just looking at the pictures. I love fish but I also love fish that comes from Alaska already gutted, deboned, tail and headless.

    Way to cowgirl up! With or without sparkly belt?

    1. Send over some of that nicely packaged salmon. :)

      Without a sparkly belt. Mine is too big. Gosh darn it.


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