Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Best Tortillas

I've officially given up on making my own tortillas. I've tried a dozen or so highly rated recipes in pursuit of the perfect homemade tortilla and every time they just couldn't quite measure up to what I was looking for. And the leftover ones were always thrown away because they never stored well. And spending an hour making tortillas for one dinner is something I just honestly don't have time for.  

Then I remembered these! My mother-in-law introduced me to them a while back and since the grocery store I most often "visit" doesn't carry them, I forgot about them. 

They're raw tortillas made by Tortilla Land; rolled disks of tortilla dough that you can cook up in less than a minute. And they don't have any funky additives or preservatives - yay! They contain flour, water, oil, salt and sugar. Sure, I wish they were whole wheat and sure, I wish they didn't have sugar in them but honestly it's a very small amount of sugar and I'm fine with a little bit of white flour here and there. Especially since whole wheat tortillas are crazy dense. 

Don't worry, Tortilla Land isn't sponsoring this post. I just really love their tortillas.

Look how pretty theses tortillas are when you cook them.

Yummy! They're simply the best tortillas I've ever had and the fact that they aren't filled with all the junk of the regular tortillas you can buy in the store makes them my very favorite. 

By the way, I've found these at Costco, Walmart and Safeway. 

Oh! I updated my Fish Tacos with Fresh Corn Salsa recipe from last Summer with a better photo. We had these for dinner last night. Btw, our big girl doesn't like tacos so I always serve hers deconstructed-style: fish with sides of tortilla, cheese and salad. That way she's still eating what we are, it's just not all wrapped up together 

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  1. We love those tortillas too!

    You can get them at Sams Club too.


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