Thursday, August 9, 2012

Does it work?

For years, or at least what seemed like years, I kept seeing and hearing "Never buy green onions again! Save money! Keep them in a jar and they will rejuvenate and continue to grow!"

Sounds like a great idea, huh? I decided I had to try it because I buy green onions on an almost weekly basis. Plus, it could be fun to watch them grow. 

So for the last two weeks, this has been sitting on my kitchen window sill. I've added a bit of water whenever it's run out to help keep them fresh. 

And they did grow! In two weeks the tops got about 6 or so inches taller on almost all of them. 

But here's the bad news, the ends tend to whither and die. 

And the onion itself gets pretty gnarly. Slimy and brown from rotting. Ew!

So while it's a nice idea, and might work if you never look at/use the bottom of the onions and only use 3" a week, just from the tops of your green onions - it's not something I'll be doing again. 

I like using the whole onion (except the roots, of course) and forking over $1 every other week or so when I need to buy them isn't a big enough purchase to make me change my ways. I know, big spender lady over here. :) 

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