Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day

Oh dear. Today was the day. The one where my little munchkin became a big school lady. 

Kids. They grow up way faster than anyone wants them to. And I'm convinced that the more kids you have, the faster that short precious time goes. 

But I'm okay with that. I've loved every phase of her life so far and can't wait for the next ones to come. Every part has its ups and its downs. Its bad moments and its good ones. So while I'm sad my little kid phase with her is seriously over, I'm very excited to experience this new school phase and all it will bring. Lillian is precious and totally my best little buddy. 

Let's just hope she thinks I'm still cool when I go walk over to the school and pick her up soon. 

I asked last week on the Damn Good Food facebook page if y'all wanted to see what I'm packing in her lunchbox this year and got a resounding affirmative response. I'll likely summarize these in one post at the end of each week (or whenever) but today I thought I would share her very first school lunch.  

I kept it really simple. Honestly, this is about as elaborate as my school lunches will get. 

Pencil sandwich - organic turkey between two layers of bread, cheddar cheese, a strip of mozzarella cheese and a piece of organic fruit leather for the eraser. I made the black tip by using some black cake decorating gel we had leftover from something at some point. 

I also cut out an apple shaped sandwich and included the rest of the fruit leather. The sides were carrots with homemade ranch dressing and apple sauce with sprinkles. 

Except I realized that I kinda failed at this school lunch business already - I forgot to pack her a spoon for her applesauce! Here's hoping she figured something out. 

Can't wait to go get her in 41 minutes...

40 minutes and 28 seconds...

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