Monday, September 17, 2012

School Lunches - Part 2

So I'm still packing school lunches. I think the lunchroom issue I wrote about last week has been resolved. Yay for her teacher helping us out on that one! 

Here's another week's worth of lunches. Lillian tends to only want to buy her lunch on Wednesdays (because that's when they serve things like hamburgers or macaroni and cheese - her favorite foods) and I'm totally okay with that. I do appreciate the efforts our school district has made to provide more nutritious options recently but I like packing her lunches and knowing what she's eating.   

Oh, and please pardon my iphone photos. 

When Lillian does eat sandwiches, she generally prefers them to be deconstructed like this: 
cream cheese man sandwich (with leaves), organic roast beef deli meat, spinach and fruit snacks.  

Deconstructed PB & J: whole wheat pretzels, peanut butter to dip them in, grapes, squeeze yogurt and carrots.  

One day they served breakfast foods at lunch time so that night Lillian asked if I could pack her some breakfast foods. I did turkey sausage, cherries, whole wheat pancakes (using my favorite pancake recipe) and a bit of maple syrup. 

Except she didn't notice the maple syrup until after she got home - but she ate everything else. :) 

Popcorn, grapes, carrots and squeeze yogurt. This was her favorite from the whole week. :) 

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  1. Isn't it fun packing lunches?! I'm sure I will get sick of it at some point. But for now I mostly just really enjoy doing it. Maybe because its a small part of his day that I still have control over. And Eli never wants to look at it...because he says he gets so excited thinking about it and wants to be surprised about what I packed him and what I wrote on his note. :) Ha!


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