Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I usually do my best recipe brainstorming while driving in the car. I don't know if it's the wide open Wyoming landscape to free my mind or sheer boredom but somehow I always seem to get hit with ideas while trekking back and forth from my classes. 

Which leads to a lot of barely legible handwritten notes on the back of coffee shop receipts. 

Recently while driving, I was thinking about how I wanted to come up with some super fun football food for Sunday afternoons when it hit me - homemade pretzel bites with a beer flavored cheese dipping sauce! Brilliant!

Muenster cheese and Samuel Adams Oktoberfest - the only beer I actually like.

I knew I was on the right track when I test tasted the components separately. For quality control purposes, of course. 

Except, well, then this happened when I tried to combine them:

Turns out, beer and cheese don't really mix together very well. No matter how much I whisked, the cheese and the beer-based roux that I made refused to integrate themselves together. I was left with a pile of lumpy cheese goo at the bottom of my pan and watery, cheese-flavored beer, on top. 

Doesn't that sound appetizing?

But that's okay because we still have homemade pretzel bites!

I was running short on time so I decided to take a short cut and use fresh pizza dough from my grocery store. 

Except, that was a very bad idea.

The pretzel bites turned out more like lead dumplings. They were heavy, dense, bland, and just generally gross. 

Sometimes I fail in the kitchen. Not everything I make turns out delicious. Sometimes dinner turns out so bad that our dogs are the only ones who will touch it. Such is life. Just keeping it real here, people. 

Now, make me feel better and share your epic dinner fails in the comments.


  1. I appreciate the fact you're willing to share your failure with us. It encourages me.

  2. Bwahahaha. This post cracked me up. And not just because I have epic kitchen fails. Which I do. Like the time I tried to make pumpkin brownies and they ended up hugely fat like a dry, bland cake. Or when I tried to make homemade pumpkin syrup for pumpkin steamers or pumpkin chai lattes ---not so amazing. That's alright, though--they can't all be gems.


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