Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Memories

Just recapping, in no particular order, some of my very favorite memories from all the Thanksgiving weekends I've experienced

  • Watching my great uncle snuff out a candle using his fingers. I was impressed for a long time. 
  • Waking up to snuggle with my Grandma while we watched the Macy's parade together.
  • Cooking the sweet potatoes all by myself when I was 8. An abundance of marshmallows were used. My mom was nearby and helped me scrape off the marshmallows when I burnt them. 
  • Sitting in my grandpa's lap while he read To Grandmother's House We Go to my siblings and I.
  • Going Black Friday shopping at the Mall of America with my dad, brothers and cousin. 
  • Making sugar-free apple pies every year for my grandpa who had diabetes. Those Sweet-n-Low packets will forever hold a special place in my heart. 
  • The first Thanksgiving Khale and I celebrated as newlyweds. I made two cornish game hens instead of a turkey.
  • Learning from my Grandma how to make cranberry sauce.
  • Watching the parade with my brothers. Who only stopped to watch it that year because Hilary Duff was performing on one of the floats. :ahem: 
  • Reading Thanksgiving stories every year to Lillian during the week leading up to the feast. 
  • My dad getting grumpy when people sneak pieces of the turkey while he carves it (and sneaks bites of it himself). 
  • Making cheesy Pilgrim and Wampanoag crafts with my mom's loving guidance. 
  • My first Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Like usual, I slept in later than everyone else. 
  • Cooking up a storm with my brother. 
  • Cheering for the Cowboys. Every. Single. Year. Go Cowboys!
  • Renting a cabin in Maine with some of our friends during law school because we were all too broke to fly home for the holiday - a bald eagle landed on a tree next to the house right as we sat down to dinner. 
  • Making hand print turkeys with Lillian to list what she was thankful for. Somehow I managed to spell thankful incorrectly. Sorry Lil!
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my students. 
  • Touring the Mayflower and seeing Plymouth Rock. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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