Friday, December 7, 2012

Better Know a Blogger

I have a really hard time ending written sentences without using a smiley face emoticon. I guess I just want people to know when I'm being hilarious.

Even though usually I'm just laughing at my own non-amusing comments.

I miss you guys when I get too busy to sit down and write as often as I want to. Getting feedback from y'all is always so encouraging. Good job. Pat yourself on the back.

I'm ridiculously afraid of heights. Standing on chairs makes my heart beat wildly.

My husband in a blazer and tie also makes me heart beat wildly. ;)

I'll stop there before we get into TMI territory. You're welcome.

But I do especially appreciate being married to a man who puts some careful thought into his outfits.

Guys don't call them "outfits," apparently.

I love to make delicious food so I'm always volunteering to make things for other people. Little known secret: it means the world to me when people bake or cook for me.

So if any of you want to bring me a cupcake, I would probably be alright with that. :)

Darn emoticons.

My baby turns ONE on the 26th. She's adorable and I love her like crazy.

She's also still not sleeping through the night.

Sometimes I like to think that baby Jesus didn't sleep through the night much either. So it's all going to be okay.

Sometimes I like to use words like "dude" to make myself feel cool.

I usually refer to my students as "dude" when they're goofing off. Because I'm friendly, hip and authoritative all at the same time.

Wait, does anyone cool still use the word dude?

I have an Instagram addiction. And a Pinterest one. Send help.

Or just delete my apps.

But then what would I do in the middle of the night to keep myself awake while I feed a cute tiny baby lady?

I do really goofy dances on a regular basis around my house for the sole purpose of making my husband and kiddos laugh.

Works like a charm every time.

I'm half-heartedly sending out a few holiday cards this year.

Question, why do people still include photos in Christmas cards?

My theory is: all the people I know who would actually care to get a holiday card from me are all people who I'm friends with on Facebook, so they all know what I look like, what my kiddos look like (see the instagram memo above) and what we're up to.

Speaking of what I'm up to - guess who is done with college classes today? This lady! I'm partying it up tonight by taking my munchkins to McDonald's with our besties. Life gets pretty wild when you're a mom.

My favorite quote right now is:


  1. Matt calls them outfits. I miss blogging (and YOU blogging too). I send Christmas cards WITH photos because most the people I send them to either aren't on facebook or never see us. You'll get one bc we are friends and it's obligatory :) <---also a fan of emoticons.

    It might be me and my change issues but I miss the knife. It was edgy (ha ha ha. I'm a real kick in the pants).

    Congratulations on your last day at UW as an actual student. I'm excited for you to student teach and then get your own classroom. Then we can pretend we are grown ups :) Wait, maybe that isn't a great idea ...

    1. Don't get too attached to this design. I decided to quit messing with it and go to sleep at 1:00 last night. The knife could very well come back. :)

      Maybe I'm the weirdo because all my aunts, uncles and grandparents are on Facebook.

  2. I'm totally addicted to the smileys...especially in texting. :) Its ridiculous. :)

    Happy last day of school! Congratulations! Such a great feeling! :)

    Happy Weekending! :)


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