Friday, January 4, 2013

Back-to-School Freezer Cooking

On Monday Lillian will go back to school and I'll start student teaching. I wish winter break was a few days (weeks or months!) longer so I could continue wearing yoga pants, reading Junie B. Jones with Lillian for an hour, watching Downton Abbey (totes got sucked into this after only one episode) and doing crafty projects.

During school days, Khale usually drops Lillian off in the morning and they leave later than I do - making him Captain Breakfast. Except he's not really a big fan of cooking so I decided to spend an afternoon making breakfast (and a few snack) foods to help ease the hustle and bustle (I talk like an old lady) of getting out the door in the morning.

Besides being a time-saver, it's also a great way for me to make sure we have healthy breakfast and snack items on hand for a few months. Sure, I could buy organic granola bars but why bother when it takes 5 minutes to make them for a fraction of the cost?

I'm making double batches of everything below and freezing them in gallon ziploc baggies - I've done this with all these recipes before so rest-assured, they do freeze well! These are all things that can be pulled out of the freezer the night before or nuked in the microwave for a few seconds in the morning.

The Best Banana Bread (or make into muffins!) Works best with bananas thawed from the freezer. If you don't have any just pick out the darkest bananas your grocery store has. :)

Granola Bars. These are the best - no baking required! 

Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffins. You can omit the cream cheese if you want. 

Griddle Cakes. I make this recipe into waffles while I'm waiting for the muffins to bake and then freeze them in layers between wax paper. In the morning - just pop them in the toaster for a minute. 

Coconut Pecan Granola. Lil eats it with milk like cereal or I refer to it as "oatmeal cookie pieces" and put it with her yogurt for a little school lunch parfait. I end up eating this with greek yogurt for lunch quite a bit when I'm teaching.  

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal "Cookies." Lillian has been begging for me to make more of these. She loves them! 

Black Bean Hummus. Another one of Lillian's favorites. This I'm freezing in small tupperware containers (enough for two servings). I'll just pull this out of the freezer the night before and then pack it up with whole wheat pita chips and carrots. 

Don't forget - you can make popcorn in a paper bag for a quick and healthy after-school snack! Sometimes I put this in kiddo's lunchbox as the grain part of her meal. :)

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  1. These are great. I really should get on the ball and make banana bread or muffins since I have something like 20 black bananas in my freezer :)

    And your popcorn trick is the best thing that happened to me in 2012. Well, maybe not the best thing but its in the top 20 aha moments for sure!


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