Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cooking Ideas

My little munchkin lady, Lillian, is my little cooking buddy. She loves being in the kitchen whipping up snacks for herself (meanwhile making an epic mess) or helping me out with baking projects.

One of her very favorite things to do is to borrow my iphone and watch cooking videos on YouTube. She usually comes away from them convinced she can sculpt fondant just as well as the pastry chef she was watching and begs me to make some, "or I could also probably be fine with just royal icing, do we have that?"

I kind of love that kid. A lot.

The other day I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast (Lil gets her messiness from me - true story) and the munchkin came up, camera in hand and asked me to film her making a snack and "then you can put it on your blog and I can be like a real chef!"

So! The my first "recipe" of 2013 comes to you from my munchkin. She came up with the title of her little "show" and the snack she made all by her little onesie.


That girl is one of my favorites.

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