Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Really True. Really!

I've seen a few cookie recipes be pinned like crazy on Pinterest over and over again. I often find myself getting caught up in curious and dubious thoughts:

#1 - there's gotta be something spectacular about it because of how many times I see it being pinned.

#2 - maybe nobody has actually tried the recipe yet but they're all just pinning it because the food photography is so mouth-watering. 

In the end, I decided to go ahead and give this one a try. Afterall, it claims to be the BEST-EVER Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

I think that half the reason it gets pinned so much is that people are as intrigued as I was over how the recipe calls for cornstarch. Uh, what? Weird, right? It claims to make the cookies softer and fluffier, which would be an answer to some serious prayer (I'm only half-joking); most cookie recipes give me fits because Cheyenne is high-altitude-challenged. So the same cookies that are perfectly soft and fluffy when I make them at my parent's house in Tennessee end up being flat crispy messes here. It's enough to make a girl want to wad up her apron, fling it into a heap in the corner and console her baking-loving-soul with a giant spoonful of cookie dough.

But here's the thing, people - this chocolate chip cookie recipe really truly is the best, ever! Honest. I wouldn't lie to y'all. I have two or three other chocolate chip cookie recipes that I love and hold dear to my heart but over the course of one hour, this one swooped in and stole the spotlight. Rude. I might be offended if I didn't love these so much.

And to make it even better - they stay soft and chewy for at least two days after you bake them, instead of getting hard and rock-like. They might stay soft even longer than that but I honestly couldn't tell you because the family and I couldn't restrain ourselves longer than that.

Sorry. Sometimes things happen.

You all should stop whatever it is you're doing and bake these cookies (unless you're at work...then just start plotting the soonest moment you can make these)! Head on over to Apple a Day for the recipe. :)


  1. Oh goodness. And here I thought Beth had the best recipe. I'm going to try and compare ...

  2. These are OUTSTANDING! I'm sold.


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