Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a Whole New Year

So what resolutions is everyone making this year? Do tell!

While a bit cheesy, I totally love this time to reflect on all our wonderful blessings from the past year. And how thinking about the things that didn't go well inspires us to create New Years resolutions. Our human desire to continually transform and push ourselves to be better is so refreshing.

::happy sigh::

My little family had a spectacular 2012. If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see quite a bit of it. :)

A few of my favorite things that happened in 2012:
  1. Intense snuggling sessions with newborn Harper (kiddo ate every 1.5 hours and barely slept for the first 9 months of her life) and getting to watch her grow to be a big one-year-old lady. 
  2. Seeing Lillian conquer her fears of the swimming pool, be the best big sister, ever. The kid has never once complained about all the time Harper needs from me and finds new ways to amuse/play with her sister every day. And she's being pretty spectacular in Kindergarten. 
  3. Celebrating six years of marriage to the Mister. He is kinda awesome and every moment we get to spend together is my favorite. 

I already know that 2013 is going to bring some big changes to our family. The biggest is that I'll be student teaching from January to the start of May. Thankfully, I have found some wonderful people to help me out with caring for my munchkins while I'm working; it's making me feel so much peace about this transition. And it's been several years since I first felt God calling me to teach so I'm thrilled that I'm finally getting the opportunity to finish my degree and really start embracing that calling to its fullest. 

My New Year's Resolutions


  1. Become more organized. I'll share something that's already helping with this (check back later this week) but I've got several other areas I need to improve on because organization just doesn't come naturally to me.
  2. Return to an exercise routine. In September I kinda quit running and doing Zumba because life got busy. And because I had lost all my baby weight (and then a little extra - woo hoo!) so my motivation flew out the window. This year I want to exercise for the sole purpose of being healthy instead of focusing on how my clothes fit. 
  3. Take a family vacation. We've never done this. We always go to visit Khale's family or my family in Tennessee so after 6.5 years of married life, I think it's high time we had a "just for family fun" kind of trip.
  4. 25th birthday spectacular. This year I'm like a little kid swelling with excitement about my birthday. I decided several months ago that I want to celebrate it in a special and unique way that will be truly meaningful for me. I can't wait for it to get here. Hurry up, February 8th! 
  5. Finish (and start) all the redecorating projects in the kitchen, main bathroom, master bedroom and basement. Piece of cake. I'll be done tomorrow. :)

May you and your family have a blessed 2013! You guys make my heart happy! 

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