Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The BLT...Salad

So remember that dressing I shared the other day? The cilantro shallot vinaigrette?

Well after I made that lovely stuff, I needed something to put it on. But I also wanted to bulk the salad up to "entree" level in a vain attempt to woo the husband over to the idea of salads for lunch.

Except I'm pretty sure he might have found that offensive. But he did eat every last bite! So that's something. :)

To make this: I chopped up a "Lenhart House Blend" of lettuces. Which may sound special and fancy but let me assure you, I was just using up what I had (romaine hearts, spinach and red lettuce). And because I can't make a salad without spinach. I just can't. I have some sort of psychological condition that silently convinces me that any salad made without spinach isn't healthy.


Since we're getting our BLT on, I also had to include the B and the T - beans, bacon and tomato. 

If you want a vegetarian option, you could omit the bacon.

Just don't use imitation bacon bits, okay? I take offense with pretending veggies are meat. :)

I used white beans but you could substitute whatever kind you wanted. You could even use garbanzos/chick peas. I like to season the beans with a bit of salt and pepper before adding them to the salad. 


Layer it all on a plate and drizzle on a bit of cilantro shallot dressing and you're ready to chow down!

Happy lunching! You can totally put this together ahead of time if you want to have lunches prepared for the week or have people coming over. Just wait to add the dressing when you're ready to serve it. Nobody likes a wilty and droopy salad. Nobody.

Oh, I did serve this with a side of cheesy french bread. :)

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