Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top Tips for a Healthy Diet

One thing was noticeably absent from my goals/resolutions list this year. It's the thing that shows up in most New Years Resolutions lists:


Don't worry, food and I aren't fighting. We're actually in the middle of one of our greatest love fests. I'm really happy with the place food and I are at.

In previous years, my New Years Resolutions have included things from eating more whole grains to more organic produce to cutting out processed foods. Because of this and allowing ourselves to tweak things here and there, my family and I have finally reached a food balance that we're all happy with.

I firmly believe that limiting your diet to certain food groups and going on cleanses is not healthy. Our bodies need a variety of nutrients and there's no harm in eating carbs or meat or sugar or butter, as long as it's done in moderation. If you want to change your diet to lose weight, you have to make healthy lifestyle changes instead of omitting something or juicing for two weeks - otherwise you will find yourself gaining weight back in no time. 

I want to be healthy but I don't want to live a life where I feel constantly deprived of the foods I truly enjoy. In order to resolve this food-loving crisis, I do the following:

I'm a firm believer in #5 - gotta have some wiggle room! For example, Dr. Pepper is my junk food weakness so I let myself have one each week. Also, I've tried and tried but I can't yet enjoy the taste of whole wheat noodles (unless they're fettuccine or spaghetti) so I often buy the "regular" version when I'm making mac n' cheese or lasagna.

And finally, I love love love this video that shares quick and easy tips to help transition to healthier eating habits. Check it out here

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  1. I do like to do a cleanse about once a year to you know, cleanse and I'm a big fan of spiritual fasting but I totally agree with this post. Fad diets will always fail. If people want to lose weight they should do what doctors have been recommending for years: eat healthy and exercise!

    My dessert rule is this: if I work out, I eat whatever I want guilt-free. If I don't work out, I eat something under 150 calories (like homemade fudge bars).

    Of course, one day a week (Fat Friday), we just eat as unhealthy and icky as we want. Funny thing? We rarely do because my family is so used to healthy food now that "good" food kinda makes us feel all ookey inside.


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