Friday, February 8, 2013

The Big Day's kinda my birthday today.


I've been looking forward to this day for months because I was inspired to spend my birthday finding ways to bless others with random acts of kindness throughout the day. Ever since I decided to do that, I've been as excited as a chunky kid in a candy store.

I would love it so very very much if you would help me celebrate by doing a Random Act of Kindness (or two or three!) today. Seriously. That would make my day. And by day, I mean "year."

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish today: 
(I'll update this weekend and let y'all know how the day went!) 

  • Put bookmarks with encouraging notes to my students on their desks first thing
  • Buy the person behind me a drink at Starbucks
  • Donate to one of the food banks in town
  • Bring a hot chai tea to the school secretary
  • Donate books 
  • Iron a week's worth of shirts for the husband 
  • Read an entire chapter book to Lillian
  • Tip the server extra big at dinner 
  • Pass out mylar balloons to kiddos
  • Leave a Target a giftcard in the kids toy section
  • Donate crafty/coloring items to the children's clinic at the hospital
  • Drop off a tasty treat at the husband's office
  • Say something positive to everyone I encounter all day long
  • Take cookies to Harper's awesome daycare staff (and munchkins!)
  • Leave a giftcard in the food section of the Dollar Store
  • Give chocolates to the school's janitors with notes of appreciation
  • Send real notes to a few friends
  • Give Safeway grocery cards to random shoppers as they enter the store
  • Leave happy notes on the windshields of cars in a parking lot
  • Return someone's shopping cart...or two or three or four
I'm hoping more opportunities will present themselves throughout the day. If you decide to do a RAK to help  me celebrate, I would love it if you would leave me a comment on here or Facebook and let me know what you did. 

Have the best day! 


  1. I've been excited for this too. YAY! So glad I got to think of fun stuff to try (and my goal was to not use money but self though I know peeps would prefer the moola!) Here's what I did to celebrate R.A.K. with you!

    I went out of my way to just say really nice stuff to people I encountered today.

    I told a librarian I was so appreciative at her ability to point out books I love.

    I sent a music video to the Ruby Juice owner cuz I know he loves music.

    I told Chip at Target he is hands down, my fave checker anywhere.

    I took a stack of "left lying around" books to the "red shelves" at the library,

    I re-set up the giant chess set.

    I took my hubs out for lunch.

    I surprised my kids by taking them to get *gasp* pre-made V-day cards.

    I put away several carts.

    I took banana bread to a neighbor.

    I left kind notes on cars in my 'hood.

    I planned a special family night.

  2. Happy birthday- that's a fantastic amount of kindness and generosity you've got planned. :D

  3. I did this for my 30th - it was by far one of my favorite birthdays to date!


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