Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Talk Cookies

There's one dessert that has been widely loved and cherished for generations. It's the one dessert baking-aficionados often find themselves in a hotly contested debate over - which chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best?

Because I'm a giver and all, I've taken it upon myself to try dozens of chocolate cookie recipes in search of a truly fantastic one that could be my forever standby. You know, the kind of cookies your grandchildren will clamor for every time they come visit? Well, people, I've officially ended my quest. It was long and laborious and spanned several years but I did it. You're welcome. It was a delicious endeavor.

For all the chewy, thick, chocolaty (but not too overbearingly sweet), dense, melt-in-your-mouth cookie lovers out there, you simply must try these

The recipe calls for cornstarch instead of baking powder. This seems weird, right? The cornstarch helps keep the cookies incredibly soft, even after a few days have passed.

Also, I use white whole wheat flour when I make these. I feel like that makes up for the chocolate/butter/sugar goodness. Like I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, if you haven't tried white whole wheat flour yet, you also need to add that to your list of must-do's. Then highlight it. And underline it. And circle it. Do whatever you need to do so you remember to pick some up at your regular ole grocery store.

Click here to go visit Apple a Day and get the full recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies of your life. You know you want to. Feel free to bring me some.

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