Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That was unexpected

Hey there!

Totally didn't plan on taking three month hiatus from blogging (sheesh! Can't believe it's been that long). I think I just got tunnel vision towards the last few weeks of the school year and in my quest for the bright shiny light at the end, I may have neglected a thing or two. Like this blog. And cleaning my fridge.

It got a little sketchy there towards the end.

School has been out for a week now and the kiddos and I are all settled back into stay-at-home-mommy mode. Which, can I just say, is awesome after working full time? I love teaching and I'm so excited about getting back in the classroom come August 22nd but it's really nice to have very relaxed mornings, play with my munchkins all day and wear jeans every day. Or yoga pants.

Speaking of school, I totally graduated with my B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming back in May! My dad flew out and surprised me for it, because he's sweet like that. 

I'll be back with a brand spankin' new recipe tomorrow! Love ya!

If you need something yummy to hold you over in the meantime, my Jalapeno Popper Queso recipe has been blowing up Pinterest this week. So you should try it.

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